DIY Wreath from Grocery Store Plastic Bags

A cherished Christmas memory of mine is when my mami taught me how to make a wreath out of plastic bags and a wire hanger. I remember what a klutz I was slicing my pinky finger with child-proof scissors and asking my mom if it was appropriate to call my injury a “plastic cut”.  Yes, I was a smart-ass even then.

I was too lazy to create a tutorial here but a quick search proved that there are hundreds to choose from. My favorite is this one featured on Design Sponge’s site.  Speaking of Design Sponge, it rules. More on that site some other time.


All you need is:

Plastic Bags -Please don’t use new unused garbage bags as many sites would have you do. It’s such a waste. More than half the fun is recycling. I  used HEB (my local grocery store) bags to make my wreath.

Scissors-See Picture

Wire Hanger-I actually don’t use wire hangers.  A few weeks ago, I found one in the courtyard of our apartment complex.  I figured it was destiny.

I did break down and buy a wreath hanger for $4 at Big Lots but I will be using it next year and for many years to come.

I’m so talented.