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I Got Zumba Licensed Today

So, I love to dance.  I mentioned it before. I’ll probably mention it again.

It’s a real love.  Our relationships spans over 30 years and it began in second grade. I was 7.

My class was learning about Davey Crockett and our teacher decided to get us  into the colonial spirit by teaching us how to square dance. The boys wore coonskin caps and we wore ankle length skirts. We grape-vined  around the room in alternating circles and clapped . It was riveting.

After that, it was dancing in the mirror to  Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and jamming to Janet Jackson’s “Control”.

I thought this was Michael for a sec. Long Introduction. Forward to 3:03 to skip to good part.

Whiney looks so healthy and young here. I wonder if she was already a crackhead by this point.

Dance would be a dominating big theme in a discussion about some of my life’s greatest regrets.  Another time.

All you need to know now is that I love the way it makes me feel. When I get to share it with someone I dig, the benefits triple.

I got certified/licensed today as a instructor. It was a high-intensity class and I’m too tired to say anything further.

-the surface beneath

p.s. it was amazing.

Post a Day 2011-WordPress Blogging Experiment

I was blog stalking today and found this neat blog created by WordPress called The Daily Post back in December 2010.  It was set up to encourage blog writers to add posts frequently whether it be once a week or daily.

I’ve had plenty of blogs and have written on and off in them for several years.  Consistency has always been an issue.

Love the WordPress folks for doing this. I’ll be slapping this sucker on my sidebar somewhere.

I’m all about a Post A Day 2011 and I’m encouraging you to hold me to it.

Can’t wait for the 2012 badge.

Dance Party Friday-Youtube Edition

My stint as a mid-20s yuppy was spent in a cubicle for most of the 2000s. I didn’t mind it too much, except it was very restrained. I had to keep my conversations at a low decible and laughing out loud was like handing in your resignation.

I was fortunate enough to work with some folks that have become very close friends and I had have fond memories of corporate life.

I had a delightful co-worker who tried desperately to implement a Friday Dance Party.  We were an investment company and her husband (a designer) worked at a company that had 30 minute Friday dance parties in locked offices on a weekly basis. She wanted our stuffy little firm to loosen up a bit and I couldn’t blame her.  The idea never really gained momentum. We tried it once and there were a bunch of no-shows. No one had the guts to dance in a room with their co-workers, in the middle of the day, during office hours, without the availability of alcohol.

I’ve never had that problem.  There isn’t a tune that I can’t find a way to shimmy to. I try not to listen to upbeat music while I’m driving. Otherwise, I’m dancing all over the place.  If the supermarket is jamming to the oldies, you better believe I’ll be shuffling down the produce isles.  I hear the music, my right foot starts twitching, and around I go.

I just love it.

What ever happened to dance like no one is watching?

This girl doesn’t seem to care who’s in her way.

I saw this video and felt a challenge coming on. I mean, I can talk the talk but can I walk the walk? Would you do this? In a laundromat? How about a restaurant? How about Target? I think most Targets have security guards and a restaurant owner would call the cops.

A laundromat seems like the safest place to do it. I doubt a laundromat attendant would care enough to ask you to stop. No offense to laundromat attendants. If I were one, I wouldn’t care. After a long day of sweeping up dryers sheets and wiping down counters sticky with detergent, I’d welcome the change.

Would you dare me to dance in a public place (like a laundromat), record it and throw it up on youtube?

Ok. I will do it once I receive 20 blog followers.

Allright people? Get to following.

DIY Wreath from Grocery Store Plastic Bags

A cherished Christmas memory of mine is when my mami taught me how to make a wreath out of plastic bags and a wire hanger. I remember what a klutz I was slicing my pinky finger with child-proof scissors and asking my mom if it was appropriate to call my injury a “plastic cut”.  Yes, I was a smart-ass even then.

I was too lazy to create a tutorial here but a quick search proved that there are hundreds to choose from. My favorite is this one featured on Design Sponge’s site.  Speaking of Design Sponge, it rules. More on that site some other time.


All you need is:

Plastic Bags -Please don’t use new unused garbage bags as many sites would have you do. It’s such a waste. More than half the fun is recycling. I  used HEB (my local grocery store) bags to make my wreath.

Scissors-See Picture

Wire Hanger-I actually don’t use wire hangers.  A few weeks ago, I found one in the courtyard of our apartment complex.  I figured it was destiny.

I did break down and buy a wreath hanger for $4 at Big Lots but I will be using it next year and for many years to come.

I’m so talented.