90 days to Dayummmm

Namaste-Day 3

If you have trouble with stillness, as I do, slowing down isn’t easy. The practice of listening to the rhythm of my own breath is very new and a challenge that I’ve given myself because I know that moving too fast has contributed to my excessive weight gain.

Also, yogis are so cool.

Today would be my 3rd day of consecutive Vinyasa practice. The deep breathing and flow with the movement is very much a dance.  Found this video on Youtube that will do the trick for a bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwP8G5ot-kg

Hear that? It’s the soft sound of change.




I’m overweight…again. Day 1

It’s simple; I’m overweight and not in good health. 154 pounds…round and pudgy all over. Just plain old fat.

I want to be proud of this past weekend’s dance and performance accomplishments but all I want to do is hide the videos and photographs.

Big Salsa Festival San Antonio 2015


This post was supposed to be positive…for me. A new beginnings post but I feel like unloading the ick. I feel sad, angry, ashamed and shitty.

There. Now that part is done.

The good news list:

Woke up at 6am and did Day 1 of Jillian Michaels Strength Training

Vinayasa Yoga Practice complete (plan to do every day for 2 weeks before I hook myself up with a bad ass yoga mat)

When Hubs saw me doing Yoga he wanted to do it to. Bonus points!

Feeling like I can undo this and finish in the best shape I’ve ever been.

I’m alive.

I believe.