Dia De Los Muertos-Celebrate the Darkness and the Light

Halloween is fast approaching and I manage to produce epic fail after epic fail every time I attempt to come up with a unique costume. This year I decided to pass and just purchased candy for the neighbor’s kids.  Note to self: Buying organic lollipops will produce disappointed looks on the trick-or-treaters faces but they’ll have enough diabetic-inducing chocolate to last them for years so must keep up the good fight.

My Ger-Mexican reminded me that el Dia De Los Muertos is a very appropriate day to remember those that have passed and celebrate the darkness along with the light. Oh and you can put on scary makeup and eat tasty sugar skull cookies guilt-free.

Now I’m no make-up expert but I can keep my hand steady enough to fake a good application so I ventured over to Youtube and found a fantastic make-up tutorial by Venus Ocean.  A quick note about this San Diego gal: She’s lovely.  Her instructions were great and I aim to check out some of her other make-up tutorials to wow my family and friends for the Holidays.

I used make-up and brushes of lesser quality but I recommend using the brands she indicates if you can. The quality in color hue is very noticeable.  I improvised with the jewels and used some sequins I found in my everything drawer. Gotta love that everything drawer.

Here the video I used:

Here’s the result:

Next time I’ll used the good stuff and I really want to nail down the eyelash application. I just can’t get those suckers to stick.


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